Business is driven to success with education and training. As the world becomes more diversified and cyber conscious, its demand upon the work force increases proportionally.

Our Goals

As your meeting professionals, our job is to communicate and facilitate your ideas and goals to a group of persons in a manner that is designed to secure the common purpose of the group.


The CMP Team Provides Impact For Your Corporate Meeting.

The CMP Management team are all skilled professionals ready to provide you with specialized consulting services, that give your meeting or special function the competitive edge.


Our planning managers are informed and aware of the need of strategic operations to complete a successful meeting.

The CMP Team Provides these services for your meeting:

Advise and plan the design of:

*The event.
*The theme.
*The goals.
*The objectives with the client.
*On-site management team to guide and advise the client.
* Provide organizational assistance with attendee coordination and registration services.
* Negotiate hotel contracts for sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, caterers, transportation services, speakers, audio        visual suppliers and other services as required.


The Advantages Are:

*Using Corporate Meeting Planners; you pay no benefits on our staff.
*No additional salary.
*No additional staff.
*Supplement existing staff for short term projects.
*Diversified Payments (Per event payment, Retainer Fee, Project Cost)
*Corporate Meeting Planners is a member of MPI, Meeting Professionals International and a Member of the         B     Board of Directors. Our firm networks on a worldwide system to provide you with the services you require.


David Herber, President

Corporate Planning

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