Menu 1 

*Honey BBQ Chicken Breasts                               
*​Country Red Potato Salad                                     

*Ranch Style Baked Beans                                      
*Honey Dijon Fruit Salad                                          
*Roll w/Butter                                                           
*Strawberry Lemonade    
*Fudge Brownies


Menu 2

*Sweet Jalapeno Beef Ribs                         

*Peach Mango Grilled Chicken Breast                         
*Baked Beans                                                  
*Spanish Rice                                                 
*Southwestern Green Salad                                     
*Cornbread Muffins W/Butter                                                                        
Menu 3 

*Tangy Honey Bar-B-Q Chicken Breasts 
*Lone Star Boneless Beef Ribs                                 
*Sweet & Spicy Baked Beans                                    
*Country Red Potato Salad                                   
*Cold Sliced Melons                                           
*Apple & Berry Pies

Menu 4 

*Honey Mustard Chicken Pieces        

*Sweet & Spicy Boneless Beef RIbs
*Country Red Potato Salad                                     
*Deep Pan Baked Beans                                       
*Corn on the Cobb                                             
*Strawberry Lemonade


Menu 5 

*1/4 Pound Beef Burger                          

*1/4 Pound Beef Hot Dog                                       
*Condiments for the above meats                               
*Individual Chip Bags 
*Potato Salad                                                 

*Assorted Sodas



Menu 6

*Grilled Spicy Beer Steak

*Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken Pieces 

*Sweet Corn on the Cob

*Southwestern Baked Beans

*Fresh Fruit Salad

*Garlic Bread


Menu 7

*Raspberry BBQ Chicken Pieces 

*Honey Spiced Brisket of Beef 

*Garden Green Salad W/Dressings

*Sauteed Red Potatoes 

*Fresh Fruit Salad

*Assorted Rolls W/Butter 

*Raspberry Iced Tea


Menu 8

*Oregon Berry BBQ Chicken Breast 

*Honey BBQ Boneless Beef Ribs 

*Deep Pan Baked Beans 

*Country Red Potato Salad 

*Garden Green Salad W/Dressings

*Sliced Fresh Fruit

*Citrus Punch 


Menu 9

*Tangy Honey BBQ Brisket of Beef 

*Lone Star Barbecued Chicken Breast 

*Ranch Style Baked Beans

*Texas Chunked Potato Salad  

*Fresh Fruit Salad 

*Fresh Baked Dinner Rolls

*Apple & Berry Pie

*Assorted Sodas 


Menu 10

*Kahlua Roasted Pork

*Maui Sweet & Sour Chicken 
*Jasmine Rice
*Caribbean Pasta Salad
*Polynesian Grilled Pineapple

*Luau Punch​



We offer the following mouth watering barbeque sauces by the half gallon for $22.40!

* Oregon Very Berry                                           *Lip Smackin' Smokey Chipolte Honey       

* West Texas Jumpin' Jalapeno (Spicy)        * Cherry Cherry            *Roarin' Rootbeer

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